From Just Mother To Motherly

After 7 long years of wait-listed, my mother's been granted public housing. I would be lying if I said, "I didn't care what others would think" about the fact that my own family member relies on government assistance. However, by covering my mother's basic necessities of food, health, and shelter; my mom has changed for the better. I'm relieved of some of the energy I give to her, which allows me to do my part and help contribute back to the world.

The Vietnam War had taken a toll on my mother. It left her living in a life of isolation and paranoia. She would confine herself to a 5 mile radius around our house. She'd often have flash backs, delusional thoughts, and lash out against anyone around her. I've always attributed this to PTSD. Growing up, my sister and I were left without a nurturing motherly figure.

After my iron fist of a father divorced my mom, he left her with nothing but his gambling debt. Now at 60 years old with mental strain and no work skills, the last several years of assistance have been a blessing. Seeing my mom go from an isolated lady, imprisoned by her own paranoia, to this loving mother who serves, gives and is supportive has restored my belief that their is truth to the concept of rebuilding through love. Slowly, she's learning compassion, gaining freedom and independence. Slowly, she's developing into the mother I've always wanted.

You build with love from the inside-out and then from the ground-up; the foundations of an individual can alter for the better no matter what age.