It's great to see and feel progress. TETRIS and I often record our sessions and review them with the crew. We like to critique ourselves and find spots we can fill holes in. It's a way for us see where we are strong, magnify those, then identify our weaknesses. Confronting our weaknesses allows us to grow them into strengths. This process helps you step outside yourself to see what you look like from a 3rd person's perspective.

At the root of self-growth is self-confrontation

Through this process, we've improved a lot in a short period. Already, you can start to see the cross of opposing styles. I attribute this accelerated growth to the great individuals I'm able to walk along side with. My brothers at Styles of Eon. The dedication we put into our crafts both within dance and outside of it is inspiring. The people you choose to surround yourselves with are very important. They influence your behaviors. With this crew, it's an encouraging environment. The frequency of positive energy gets cycled around and it brings out the best in all of us. It truly is a privilege.