Rise Above

We must rise above.
Hold the head steady. Be ready.  
Respond with our highest of highs
Shed light of truth against the darken lies.
Rise above and act with love.
It is easy to concede. The ego will feed.
We may want to let the rage out of the cage
But hold steady. Let go of petty.
We shall act with love  
Take our the chances and rise above.

JA Camp Co-Director

Juvenile Arthritis Camp was held from Jul 15 - 19, 2019 this year. We had around 50 campers and about 30 Volunteer Staff.

Juvenile Arthritis Camp 2019 Campers and Volunteers

Juvenile Arthritis Camp 2019 Campers and Volunteers

This year I had the honor of serving as Co-Camp Director with my mentor Quoc, who has been the Camp Director for the past 5+ years. This would be my 5th year volunteering. I’ve been volunteering with the camp during different phases of my professional career. First starting with my last days as a Registered Nurse, both summers as a Student Nurse Practitioner (NP), then Rookie NP to now with several years as a provider under my belt.

Co-Camp Directors, Quoc Du, NP at Stanford Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and Andy A. Nguyen, NP at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. Jul 19, 2019, Livermore, Calif.

Co-Camp Directors, Quoc Du, NP at Stanford Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and Andy A. Nguyen, NP at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. Jul 19, 2019, Livermore, Calif.

FUN FACT: Quoc and I were childhood friends from Portland, both NPs, and of Vietnamese ethnic background. It’s pretty dope to have a brother whom I can not only look up to and learn from, but also do great work alongside.

This would mark the 3rd Dance Therapy Workshop we’ve done at camp, led by myself and my life partner, Gee, who is not pictured. This year was unique. We decided to switch it up a bit and teach New Style Hustle, a partner-social dance, and slid in little messages of consent and breaking gender stereotypes. Whether the messages will be effective or not, who knows, but at least we can try to do our best with whatever means we have to help influence these kids towards the highest human frequencies of acts sponsored by love.

Notes from Gee and Andy’s 2019 JA Dance Therapy Workshop

Notes from Gee and Andy’s 2019 JA Dance Therapy Workshop

The reward is witnessing the growth and process of these kids who come back year after year. It is a means for the kids to have fun, discover themselves, and find their positive light. You may also say the same for us volunteers.

AndyGee2B til' Infinity

We got married! Here’s a look back through our journey…

April 30, 2018
While in Paradise

We were on the Aina during one of Gee’s work conferences. I surprised her with, “Will you marry me?”

She answered, “No no No No, Wait, Yes!”

How ironic that 43 years on the anniversary of the Fall of Saigon April 30, 1975 that this product of war was able to propose to the love of his life while on the Aina at the Diamond Head Hike?

At least I was able to get one ‘YES’

Here’s how we told the world…

May 6, 2018
Engagement Announcement in Hawai’i

Although raised in America, the both of us are rooted from South East Asian countries with many similarities and differences. Culture is important to us and figuring out how to seamlessly interweave our roots together not only helped us become more self-expressive as individuals, but also with our union.

September 23, 2018
Engagement Photos by Soh Tanaka: An ode to our culture’s warrior heritage

Vietnamese Military Jungle Shirt x Philippines Modern Terno with vintage Tribal Patterns

June 27, 2019
Wedding Photos with Briana Gardner: Cross Cultures

Viet Nam

Ao Nam and Ao Dai


Modern Filipiniana Terno Jacket x Modern Long Barong Tagalog

Viet Nam x Philippines

United States of America

Classic Western Three Piece Suit x Modern Terno Jacket with Western Jumpsuit

July 6, 2019
Wedding Day

Looking back to my previous August 2015 post, I wrote about the lessons learned on Family after hitting rock bottom during my Master’s of Science/Nurse Practitioner program.

I wrote:

“If I want to do great things in life, I realize I first must start with a strong foundation. My own great family. One can go about their life alone just fine when the times are good. However, when the times are bad, having a solid and happy family gives you a place to run back to. A place you can re-energize and recharge.” - Andy A. Nguyen, August 2015

If I could expand on that thought, I’d say it’s first My own great SELF and then My own great FAMILY.

However, I never imagined those realizations then would soon actualize thereafter.

“I realize that in life... I'm going to need my best friend by my side, where... when the going gets tough and if we lose everything, we don't lose ourselves. A life where it's a constant celebration and all we need is simply love, laughter, food and shelter. That's what I want my home to be…” - Andy A. Nguyen, August 2015

In December 2015, I would quickly crossed paths my life-partner, and the following February, we would begin our journeys together months later after connecting through both our birthdays and shared passions of health care and dance. When Gee and I first started dating, we lived out of the tiny room I rented where she was paying for our groceries and gas while I was surviving school. Although, we were broke and had nothing, it still felt like we had everything. Each other and Scout.

Growing up, my childhood home was a chaotic place, broken, and striking fear. I never experienced what it was like to have a loving home. But now, after 34 years of life, for the first time in my life, I found home…

Enter the Zion

From May 16, 2019 to May 19, 2019, nine of my closest lifelong friends gathered at Zion National Park in Utah to celebrate my send off from bachelorhood into marriage.

My brothers from Portland represented my childhood chapters, “Golden Nugget: Neighborhood Glue Guy.

Team Wood

Team Wood

Portland, OR

Pictured Left to Right:
Porn Master, Gold Nugget, AJ, Garfield

IrResponsible Soul


Portland, OR

Day Day & Nuggs

and my brothers from SoCal represented another pivotal period, “The Rebirth of Self: Oxan the Ambition,“ after I moved out of my hometown, Portland, to Southern California.

SOL Tribe

SOL Tribe

Los Angeles, CA & San Diego, CA

Pictured Left to Right:
Aaron Kwesi, Jbueno, Houston the Solution, Oxan, Tetris, Melly Fojazz

How ironically and symbolic that I now currently live in the Bay Area, which is in the middle of the pack, and the one the link in the chain between the two groups. It was surreal to see my two coalitions Voltron together and unify to form the force, Bu Cru.

During our trip we shared a sacred Cypher, appropriately, at the Court of the Patriarchs.

Actual song playing during cypher: Marissa Guzman + Andy Toth - Like A Feather
We do not own the rights or licenses to the music. We absolve ourselves of all liability. All use is strictly for non-professional entertainment

Most of the weekend I was at a lost for words—feeling such fulfillment and joy. It was humbling to see all the guys genuinely get along and vibe. To have my Portland and SoCal crews seem as if they had been friends all along, whether I was part of the chain or not, made me feel as if I had the right people in my life. It showed me that the energy and character traits I surround myself with, my closest confidants, flowed through each person within my inner circle. And that inner circle projected the energies of love, humility, grit, growth, and service to the greater whole. The saying goes, “You are the makeup of your closest 5 people,” and I had 9 deep right there with me along with others who couldn’t make it but were there in spirit.

Brotherhoods Representing in the Cypher

  • Bu Cru Camp - Styles of Eon, SOL Tribe, Team Wood, IrResponsible Soul, The Stories We Carry

  • Dancers: Oxan, Melly Fojazz, Houston the Solution, J.Bueno, Tetris, Day Day, Aaron Kwesi

  • Supporting Cast: Porn Master, AJ, Garfield

  • There in Spirit: Vinh SOL, JoRawk, Darick, Vi Son

One can only hope, the characters in this life story will continue throughout each other’s lifelong journeys. The completion of my Bachelor Trip was another chapter arc that ended, and thus, also the start of a new one: Marriage.


What is your intention?
What is it you’re writing for?
The root of the truth
Is what you’re fighting for.
It is with hope
That maybe one youth will come along
They will find their place
In a world they feel wronged

What is your intention?
What is it you’re writing for?
The root of the truth
Is what you’re fighting for.
May we leave a legacy
For the future to come,
That one day
Our children will live as one.

What is your intention?
What is it you’re writing for?
The root of the truth
Is what you’re fighting for.
To bring us closer to the cure
With our love poured in
Through the struggles we endured
Our family’s messages begins.

— Andy A. Nguyen

A Mirror of the Enemy

They said our silence was weak
And it’s a war they seek
But what do we fight for?
To have equal doors?
It is ears we offer
To be gentler and softer.

Use the means you may
But let the morals stay
Once you cross the line
The morale goes blind
Division kicks in
Blinded by the devil’s win.

A mirror of the enemy
Losing all empathy
And at what cost?
When our souls are lost?
What are we fighting for?
Do we know anymore?

— Andy A. Nguyen

Camp Milagros 2018 makes ABC News

Camp Milagros: Juvenile Arthritis Camp 2018 made it on ABC Channel 7 News. Among many things to be proud of this year at camp, near and dear to my heart was holding our second Dance Therapy Workshop. The workshop is a program that is part of a research proposal I developed during grad school at UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) . It is truly fulfilling that I am continue this journey and I very grateful for Quoc Du, my mentor and life long friend—who has done so much for me, and to my partner, Angie 'Gee' Covita, who helped co-developed the workshop structure, and also, inspires me with her mastery at teaching kids.

Here's the segment dedicated to our campers and the Taylor Family Foundation.

To read the full article click on the link below:

Oxan the Ambition

Oxan is a symbolic image of a spiritual beast. The head and body of a Wood Ox and the tail of a Pisces Fish, who stays unrelenting and calm amongst the chaotic wind.

Neo-tribal style engraved to represent my birth on American soil with the ancestry blend between the indigenous Malayo-Polynesian kingdom and Bai Yue tribes of my Vietnamese roots.

Oxan the Ambition  Body Art by  Leo Malaya  @  Soul Signature  Photography by  Vi Son Trinh  Location: House of SOL @ Oakland, California

Oxan the Ambition

Body Art by Leo Malaya @ Soul Signature
Photography by Vi Son Trinh
Location: House of SOL @ Oakland, California

Healing through Nursing, Street Dance, and Story Telling


Nurse Practitioner.

Street Dancer

Portland Born and Raised. Oakland Rooted

After work one night, I met up a fellow Vietnamese-American friend, Vi Son Trinh. Raised in the Bay Area, and now currently attending Nursing school in Portland, Vi’s passion for photography and story telling can be found on IG account: Vi Son Trinh .

On his account he captured my personal story. "Portland born and raised, and now working as a Nurse Practioner here in the Bay Area. Aside from healing patients through his nursing care, Andy heals through his passion for street dancing and story telling."

After decades of climbing what felt like an endless mountain to find myself. I feel as if I've reached a sort of mountain top that overlooks the great beyond. The view is surreal at times, and I often think to myself, "I can't believe I'm really here." But what is achievement if one is there alone? “No man is an island.” Now that I've built a path up to this vantage point, I feel a responsibility to help empower others like me to reach the summit. Through Nursing, Street Dancing, and Story Telling, hopefully the universe will allow me to climb the next mountain in order to extend the message...

I am but a humble servant...

Heart + Hustle Weekend

A few dance events I helped to produce recently.  

Sweet <3 Hustle Ball 2/10/18 @ MVMNT Studios, Berekley, CA

Music Rockets by LION BABE (mOma + Guy Remix)

New Styles Hustle Bay Area's first official New Style Hustle event. NSH Communities from the West Coast flew into the Bay Area from Vancouver B.C., Washington, Oregon, and SoCal to join and celebrate a weekend dedicaded to a dance between partners.

Cypher Sundays SF 14: Embarcadero 2yr Anniversary 2/11/18

Song: Kolaj - 100 Degrees (Chris McClenney Remix) 

Cypher Sundays (CSSF) is a monthly street dance cypher that aims to explore iconic locations of San Francisco to capture freestyle dance in its purest form. We promote the hiphop movement, aiming to cultivate raw street dance culture and capture pure freestyle moments through photography and video. We are a creative and diverse group of dancers of all styles, ethnicities, and gender. This cypher is not about competition or fame, but purely to express and share our energy and inspire others for the love of dance.

All media with #CypherSundaysSF !

Unspoken Humility

Years ago, I once had a Native American patient in the ICU who was dying of a brain tumor.
During one of our conversations, Old Man R.R. as I'll refer to him, asked me two questions:
1.) My Vietnamese name: An (pronouce: Aang), meaning "Peaceful",
2.) Why I became a nurse? I spent the evening telling him the story of my journey. At the end of our conversation, he encouraged me to keep building my spirit and keep helping people—but do so without the need to announce it to the world. Instead, he told to hold it in my heart. Before my shift was over, he had me take a picture with him.

Watching this video of a man who secretly saved over 600+ Jewish children during the Holocaust reminded me of the words from Old man R.R.

Months later after I had the honors of taking care of him, he passed on. His daughter reached out to send me his gratitude. I was truly honored. Reminiscing back, I think I only grasped part of what he meant. It wasn't until coming across this video of Sir Nicolas Winton that I truly understood the advice given by my past Native American patient, Old man R.R.

Unspoken humility is the purest and most powerful form of moral goodness

I still have that photo of us together and I often look at it as a reminder of my moral compass. I didn’t include it in this post, not because I feel he or his family would’ve objected, but because I believe he’d prefer me to hold it in my heart. Old Man R.R. May you Rest in Peace and may your 'WILL' live on through your loved ones and the people you’ve positively touched. 🙏 Thank you for the lesson.

A Story About Time

We all have dreams. We all have aspirations. We all have ideas of how things can become better in our world. We often store those thoughts and let them float around. What becomes of them? Will they stay but mere caged thoughts? Victims of our everyday realities where time is so scarce? Or, will we persist with the pursuit of manifesting our dreams into reality? These may be questions we have no definite answers to. But one thing is for sure. The present is now. 

Tell your story... 

Inspired by Kazam's A Story About Time featuring Alan Watts

Dance is a method of expression for when the concepts in mind transfers into physical actualization of the present moment. It is a form of communication that enables a dancer to tell his or her story.

New Style Hustle Worldwide

The world doesn't need more walls or more hate. Yes. We are different in so many ways, yet, we are also the same in so many ways. Let us celebrate both our differences through that which brings us together. Dance.

New Style Hustle in the United States (California/New York), Italy, Czech Republic (Brno/Prague), Slovakia, Poland, Japan, Finland, Vietnam,  United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Woken to the Path of Light

Woke isn't simply realizing the problems
The many eyes can see the true crooks rob them 
Indeed, Woke IS an awakening to the solutions 
A life lived to serve the revolution
The work it takes,
Oh, how easily the rooks can break
But any less is merely an opening of the eye.
Lying in bed sleeping on solutions.
To walk the path of light
One must live Woke—ready to die
To live Woke you must apply.

Poem By Andy A. Nguyen

A Platform For Holistic Wellness: Health Care x Dance x Life Style Education

Dancing had a major positive affect on my life. If I were to be honest, I’d have to give proper credit for I would not be the nurse I am today if it was not for street dance. This culture allowed me to discover myself as an individual and taught me how to overcome my insecurities at a young age. It provided an outlet that assisted my understanding of how to be resilient. I learned how to feel comfortable with presenting myself in front of a crowd. It helped me find friendships where I felt safe. Dance assisted my development into a leader by providing me a platform to discover my personal truth, and to balance that individuality with community. It reinforced work ethic and self-discipline. It helped me build intrinsic motivation. Urban street dance has helped me to cultivate qualities that have not only been beneficial to my artistry, but also to my professional career.

My future plans are to merge both my passions for health care and urban dance to build a structure where individuals can gain access to holistic wellness. Through after school and youth community center programs, I intend to integrate health clinics, dance workshops, and life style education in a comprehensive platform that reaches children, adolescents, and their parents. As dance is known to be culturally relevant to younger populations, it will serve as a motivating factor to healthier living. One strategy to help promote this program will be to publish the stories of successful individuals who have been heavily influenced by dance as well as their profession. Exposure of respected individuals in the dance community who live dual lives of professionalism and urban street artistry will act as models for the development of more well-rounded individuals.  The structure for sustainability will be developed through a cycle of student to leader engagement that promotes the return of participants who are inspired to take advantage of the opportunity to contribute back.



It's great to see and feel progress. TETRIS and I often record our sessions and review them with the crew. We like to critique ourselves and find spots we can fill holes in. It's a way for us see where we are strong, magnify those, then identify our weaknesses. Confronting our weaknesses allows us to grow them into strengths. This process helps you step outside yourself to see what you look like from a 3rd person's perspective.

At the root of self-growth is self-confrontation

Through this process, we've improved a lot in a short period. Already, you can start to see the cross of opposing styles. I attribute this accelerated growth to the great individuals I'm able to walk along side with. My brothers at Styles of Eon. The dedication we put into our crafts both within dance and outside of it is inspiring. The people you choose to surround yourselves with are very important. They influence your behaviors. With this crew, it's an encouraging environment. The frequency of positive energy gets cycled around and it brings out the best in all of us. It truly is a privilege.


2016 - New Chapter

I've jumped on board with a few my SOL Tribe brothers to form a unit called "Styles Of Eon." The group consists of Soh Tanaka (TETRIS // SF), Houston Do (Houston the Solution // LA), Vinh Nguyen (Vinh // SD) any myself (OXAN // SF). I couldn't be more excited and humbled to experience this journey with these guys. As individuals, we aim to achieve our highest potentials. As a crew, we hope to collectively contribute back to the culture that gave each of us so much and brought us together. The culture of street dance.

As I explore and refine my profession as a health care provider, I intend to also to do the same with my artistry.

To work for others, we must also work on the self.

This video showcases one of my freestyle dance sessions. I started to piece it together layer by layer. What I found was that a story was being told. Listening to the lyrics. Watching how the movements were interpreted to the song during that present moment. Changing the color of the scenes to fit the feel of a gloomy mood. The after effects (AE) were added by Hoang Nguyen (Creative Session, Go.Hobo // SF). The effect is called "Alpha channel glitch: RBG." The AE represents my truth and the fact that I can't escape it. 

The overall message... “It is okay to remember the good times, but the feelings don't need to be held on to. The past is what got you to this point. Like turning the page of a great book, get ready to enjoy what's to be written next."

I'm looking forward to what's next...