Look For The Helpers

Recently, the cities of Paris and Beirut were attacked. In times where tragedy has been brought to our attention, the beauty in humanity is something to take notice. The promotion of NON-VIOLENCE, COMPASSION and LOVE though social media, news media and conversations has been louder then ever. It is a fresh change. I'm hoping these peaceful ideals aren't just trends or fads that last 72 hours or less, but rather, an authentic progression of a worldy society that will be sustained.

We can wonder... Do these ideals of non-violence, compassion, love and peace stand up against the hate, inequality, genocide and terrorism? If so? Where do we start? Amidst the chaos, one man states it best...

This is short clip of Fred Rogers’ interview sends a valuable message.

To extend on what he said. If we are to change our future for the better; we must be examples. We must first change ourselves for the better and be consistent. We can not be afraid and we can not give in to these acts sponsored by fear. There is a way to change culture to SPONSOR ACTS OF LOVE and we must find it. However, if we ever get lost... we can always remember to "look for the helpers." ‪#‎Peace‬ ‪#‎Respect‬ and ‪#‎Gratitude‬