A Tribute To My Uncle Son Tran

In my last post Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining, I wrote about the lessons gained from the death of my uncle. After a few weeks of completing the funeral proceedings... I find myself recalling the last time I sat down with Uncle Son.  

During conversations we had when I visited him a year ago, he seemed to not feel good about how his life unfolded. But how ironic that it was at the end of his life journey where family and friends were brought together... As a tribute, I put together a video of my experience following the passing of my uncle to commemorate his life.

In life... the greatest measurement isn't how much money we make, nor is it about the accolades and awesome things that we collect and do. In the end, those things are just tools to help us get to that which is important.... The greatest metric in life should be measured by how much one can positively touch another person to make their lives better.

I hope Cau (UncleSon Tran, you can look down upon us and realize that so many people love you and you've made many lives better. At the very least, the lessons your life provided will be carried on through your nephew and passed on to whom ever choses to let this touch them. Cau Son... Goodbye my sweet and selfless uncle. Forever in our hearts...

Son Van Tran. September 25, 1959 - September 1, 2015

Son Van Tran. September 25, 1959 - September 1, 2015