Healing through Nursing, Street Dance, and Story Telling


Nurse Practitioner.

Street Dancer

Portland Born and Raised. Oakland Rooted

After work one night, I met up a fellow Vietnamese-American friend, Vi Son Trinh. Raised in the Bay Area, and now currently attending Nursing school in Portland, Vi’s passion for photography and story telling can be found on IG account: Vi Son Trinh .

On his account he captured my personal story. "Portland born and raised, and now working as a Nurse Practioner here in the Bay Area. Aside from healing patients through his nursing care, Andy heals through his passion for street dancing and story telling."

After decades of climbing what felt like an endless mountain to find myself. I feel as if I've reached a sort of mountain top that overlooks the great beyond. The view is surreal at times, and I often think to myself, "I can't believe I'm really here." But what is achievement if one is there alone? “No man is an island.” Now that I've built a path up to this vantage point, I feel a responsibility to help empower others like me to reach the summit. Through Nursing, Street Dancing, and Story Telling, hopefully the universe will allow me to climb the next mountain in order to extend the message...

I am but a humble servant...