I left my hometown of Portland, Oregon in 2011 to venture off and do some soul searching. I became a travel nurse and decided to work and live in bigger cities with established dance scenes. There were times, I didn't know a single person and had to step out of my comfort zone to socialize. Before moving I admit, I worried that trying to fit into different worlds would cause me to lose myself rather than constructively grow as an individual. 

This concept came to me one morning as I woke up on my buddy's couch in Seattle after the bboy competition, Massive Monkees' Day. The idea of something permanent on my body was something hard to commit to at first. However, a few days before moving to San Diego for my first travel contract I had this definition engraved on my arm. It gave me comfort knowing that If I ever felt lost and needed a reminder I had a foundation that would always be with me. In a sense, this piece helped me feel one step closer to a complete individual. It was self-defining.

Two idioms: 

Heart of Gold: A kind and generous character

Iron Fist: Rigorous or ruthless control

The name Andy is a variant of Andrew, which is Greek for "MANLY." A Heart of Gold is my definition of what a MAN is.