2016 - New Chapter

I've jumped on board with a few my SOL Tribe brothers to form a unit called "Styles Of Eon." The group consists of Soh Tanaka (TETRIS // SF), Houston Do (Houston the Solution // LA), Vinh Nguyen (Vinh // SD) any myself (OXAN // SF). I couldn't be more excited and humbled to experience this journey with these guys. As individuals, we aim to achieve our highest potentials. As a crew, we hope to collectively contribute back to the culture that gave each of us so much and brought us together. The culture of street dance.

As I explore and refine my profession as a health care provider, I intend to also to do the same with my artistry.

To work for others, we must also work on the self.

This video showcases one of my freestyle dance sessions. I started to piece it together layer by layer. What I found was that a story was being told. Listening to the lyrics. Watching how the movements were interpreted to the song during that present moment. Changing the color of the scenes to fit the feel of a gloomy mood. The after effects (AE) were added by Hoang Nguyen (Creative Session, Go.Hobo // SF). The effect is called "Alpha channel glitch: RBG." The AE represents my truth and the fact that I can't escape it. 

The overall message... “It is okay to remember the good times, but the feelings don't need to be held on to. The past is what got you to this point. Like turning the page of a great book, get ready to enjoy what's to be written next."

I'm looking forward to what's next...