A Platform For Holistic Wellness: Health Care x Dance x Life Style Education

Dancing had a major positive affect on my life. If I were to be honest, I’d have to give proper credit for I would not be the nurse I am today if it was not for street dance. This culture allowed me to discover myself as an individual and taught me how to overcome my insecurities at a young age. It provided an outlet that assisted my understanding of how to be resilient. I learned how to feel comfortable with presenting myself in front of a crowd. It helped me find friendships where I felt safe. Dance assisted my development into a leader by providing me a platform to discover my personal truth, and to balance that individuality with community. It reinforced work ethic and self-discipline. It helped me build intrinsic motivation. Urban street dance has helped me to cultivate qualities that have not only been beneficial to my artistry, but also to my professional career.

My future plans are to merge both my passions for health care and urban dance to build a structure where individuals can gain access to holistic wellness. Through after school and youth community center programs, I intend to integrate health clinics, dance workshops, and life style education in a comprehensive platform that reaches children, adolescents, and their parents. As dance is known to be culturally relevant to younger populations, it will serve as a motivating factor to healthier living. One strategy to help promote this program will be to publish the stories of successful individuals who have been heavily influenced by dance as well as their profession. Exposure of respected individuals in the dance community who live dual lives of professionalism and urban street artistry will act as models for the development of more well-rounded individuals.  The structure for sustainability will be developed through a cycle of student to leader engagement that promotes the return of participants who are inspired to take advantage of the opportunity to contribute back.