AndyGee2B til' Infinity

We got married! Here’s a look back through our journey…

May 6, 2018
Engagement Announcement in Hawai’i

On a trip to the Aina during one of Gee’s work conferences. I surprised her with, “Will you marry me?”

She answered, “No no No No, Wait, Yes!”

Here’s how we announced our engagement.

At least I was able to get one ‘yes’

September 23, 2018
Engagement Photos by Soh Tanaka: An ode to our culture’s warrior heritage

Vietnamese Military Jungle Shirt x Philippines Modern Terno with vintage Tribal Patterns

June 27, 2019
Wedding Photos with Briana Gardner: Cross Cultures

Viet Nam

Ao Nam and Ao Dai


Modern Filipiniana Terno Jacket x Modern Long Barong Tagalog

Viet Nam x Philippines

United States of America

Classic Western Three Piece Suit x Modern Terno Jacket with Western Jumpsuit

July 6, 2019
Wedding Day

Looking back to my previous August 2015 post, I wrote about the lessons learned on Family after hitting rock bottom during my Master’s of Science/Nurse Practitioner program.

“If I want to do great things in life, I realize I first must start with a strong foundation. My own great family. One can go about their life alone just fine when the times are good. However, when the times are bad, having a solid and happy family gives you a place to run back to. A place you can re-energize and recharge.” - Andy A. Nguyen, August 2015

If I could expand on that thought, I’d say it’s first My own great SELF and then My own great FAMILY.

However, I never imagined those realizations then would soon actualize thereafter.

“I realize that in life... I'm going to need my best friend by my side, where... when the going gets tough and if we lose everything, we don't lose ourselves. A life where it's a constant celebration and all we need is simply love, laughter, food and shelter. That's what I want my home to be…” - Andy A. Nguyen, August 2015

In December 2015, I would quickly crossed paths my life-partner, and the following February, we would begin our journeys together months later after connecting through both our birthdays and shared passions of health care and dance. When Gee and I first started dating, we lived out of the tiny room I rented where she was paying for our groceries and gas while I was surviving school. Although, we were broke and had nothing, it still felt like we had everything. Each other and Scout.

Growing up, my childhood home was a chaotic place, broken, and striking fear. I never experienced what it was like to have a loving home. But now, after 34 years of life, for the first time in my life, I found home…