Enter the Zion

From May 16, 2019 to May 19, 2019, nine of my closest lifelong friends gathered at Zion National Park in Utah to celebrate my send off from bachelorhood into marriage.

My brothers from Portland represented my childhood chapters, “Golden Nugget: Neighborhood Glue Guy.

Team Wood

Team Wood

Portland, OR

Pictured Left to Right:
Porn Master, Gold Nugget, AJ, Garfield

IrResponsible Soul


Portland, OR

Day Day & Nuggs

and my brothers from SoCal represented another pivotal period, “The Rebirth of Self: Oxan the Ambition,“ after I moved out of my hometown, Portland, to Southern California.

SOL Tribe

SOL Tribe

Los Angeles, CA & San Diego, CA

Pictured Left to Right:
Aaron Kwesi, Jbueno, Houston the Solution, Oxan, Tetris, Melly Fojazz

How ironically and symbolic that I now currently live in the Bay Area, which is in the middle of the pack, and the one the link in the chain between the two groups. It was surreal to see my two coalitions Voltron together and unify to form the force, Bu Cru.

During our trip we shared a sacred Cypher, appropriately, at the Court of the Patriarchs.

Actual song playing during cypher: Marissa Guzman + Andy Toth - Like A Feather
We do not own the rights or licenses to the music. We absolve ourselves of all liability. All use is strictly for non-professional entertainment

Most of the weekend I was at a lost for words—feeling such fulfillment and joy. It was humbling to see all the guys genuinely get along and vibe. To have my Portland and SoCal crews seem as if they had been friends all along, whether I was part of the chain or not, made me feel as if I had the right people in my life. It showed me that the energy and character traits I surround myself with, my closest confidants, flowed through each person within my inner circle. And that inner circle projected the energies of love, humility, grit, growth, and service to the greater whole. The saying goes, “You are the makeup of your closest 5 people,” and I had 9 deep right there with me along with others who couldn’t make it but were there in spirit.

Brotherhoods Representing in the Cypher

  • Bu Cru Camp - Styles of Eon, SOL Tribe, Team Wood, IrResponsible Soul, The Stories We Carry

  • Dancers: Oxan, Melly Fojazz, Houston the Solution, J.Bueno, Tetris, Day Day, Aaron Kwesi

  • Supporting Cast: Porn Master, AJ, Garfield

  • There in Spirit: Vinh SOL, JoRawk, Darick, Vi Son

One can only hope, the characters in this life story will continue throughout each other’s lifelong journeys. The completion of my Bachelor Trip was another chapter arc that ended, and thus, also the start of a new one: Marriage.